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Tarp Pits - The Birth of Tarp Surfing

This is a short film we made a few months back about Dodge and Wyatt. Cy saw their youtube video (youtube.com/​watch?v=IChLdzT8R2A) and was inspired to show how these gremmies took barrel riding to their street. This summer it seems everybody is getting blue tarp barrels from Christian surfers (youtube.com/​watch?v=5fn5q9z9cuw&feature=related) to veteran pros in Santa Cruz (youtube.com/​watch?v=t6-vb20srZI).

Look for the Blue Tarp surfing demos and the full version of this short during this summer's "Get Stoked Tour" - Summer 2010 dates coming soon...

"Tarp Pits"
Featuring Dodge Weirath and Wyatt Brady
Filmed and Edited by Cyrus Sutton
A Peel short for Korduroy.tv
Music by the Blank Tapes

Cast: www.KORDUROY.tv

Tags: blue tarp surfing, tarp surfing, cyrus sutton, wyatt brady, dodge weirath, korduroy tv, korduroy.tv and korduroy surf

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